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Digital photograph of a copper ingot, museum number Af1924,1016.3, purchased by the British Museum from H Wallach in 19…

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Currency; ingot

"Rod 'marali' currency; ingot. Cylindrical bar made of copper with projecting edge on one side." Measures 52.5cm (H) x 7.7cm (W) x 5.5cm (D) [Measurements taken from the British Museum online collections database]

"Most probably made by the Balemba.; The marali rods were used in earlier periods as bride-price for wives of chiefs, reportedly worth 10 cows. Later on they were worth two cows and three she-goats.; Ethnic name: Makatees not found. Possibly refering to Makati (Mokhathis), a place name in Lesotho."

Human-Made Object
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[18-? or 19-?]-1924
This ingot was found or acquired in Lesotho and was purchased by the British Museum from H Wallach in 1924
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