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Digital photograph of a soapstone smoking pipe; water pipe, museum number Af1937,0705.10-12, purchased by the British M…

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Smoking pipe; water pipe

"Water-pipe bowl carved out of soapstone." 10 measures: 9.5cm (H) x 3cm (W) x 5cm (D); 11 measures: 8cm (H) x 4.5cm (W) x 4.5cm (D); 12 measures: 8cm (H) x 3.5cm (W) x 3.5cm (D) [Measurements taken from the British Museum online collections database]

Human-Made Object
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[18-? or 19-?]-1937
This smoking pipe; water pipe was found/acquired in South Africa or Botswana and purchased by the British Museum from Gerald P L Miles in 1937. Gerald P L Miles had purchased the item from Stevens' Auction Rooms Ltd
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