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Digital photograph of a horn carved snuff-bottle, museum number Af1949,46.600, urchased by the British Museum from Mrs …

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Snuff bottle

"Snuff-bottle made of carved horn, in the form of a bearded male figure depicted in relief, with narrow arms and legs, and with a bulbous head in the top of which is the aperture for the snuff." Measures: 12cm (H) x 4.3cm (W) x 4.2cm (D) [Measurements taken from the British Museum online collections database]

"Register addition "South Africa".

Three horn and ivory snuffboxes

Artist names unrecorded, late 1800s

The two dark horn boxes are carved as

a man and a cow – their South Sotho

name, koma, means both penis and

snuffbox. Tswana-speaking artists

made similar snuffboxes from ivory.

Recorded as South Sotho and Tswana, British Museum

Human-Made Object
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[18-? or 19-?]-1949
This snuff bottle was found/acquired in South Africa or Lesotho and purchased by the British Museum from Mrs D K Oldman in 1949. The previous owner was William Ockelford Oldman
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