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Digital photograph of a skin, metal, and glass bead apron, museum number Af1986,17.73, acquired by the British Museum…

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"Apron made of skin, metal, glass beads, with strap." Measures 57cm (H) x 24.50cm (W) x 3cm (D) [Measurements taken from the British Museum online collections database]

Curator's comments: "Located in County Museum,Truro prior to BM acquisition. File = Truro Museum checklist.; Associated with a loose MSS Temporary Label which reads Bushmans Dress. Central Africa. Presented by Richard Lander 1821-9."

Human-Made Object
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[18-? or 19-?]-1986
This apron was made in central or southern Africa and acquired by the British Museum from the Royal Institution of Cornwall in 1986. The Royal Institution of Cornwell acquired the apron from County Museum, Truro. The previous owner/ex-collector of the apron was Richard Lemon Landler who donated the apron to County Museum, Truro.
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