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Digital photograph of a fur apron decorated with glass beads, museum number Af1997,12.1, donated to the British Museum …

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"Apron made of animal fur. Composed of a wide central band with two narrow strips on either side sewn to the central band. Exterior (furless) surface decorated in lower half with border of predominantly white glass with occasional red, black, dark blue and orange glass beads. Body of apron decorated with two large and three small beaded discs in white, light and dark blue and red glass beads. Central diamond-shaped beaded decoration in same colours. Two strips of skin for use as ties at top corners of apron." Measures 75 cm (H) x 58cm (W) x 0.30cm (D) [Measurements taken from the British Museum online collections database]

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[18-? or 19-?]-1997
This apron was made in southern Africa and donated to the British Museum by Mrs Margret Carey in 1997. The previous owner of the apron was Ken Karner.
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