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Portrait photographic published in Lestrade 1929 (Vol. II, Plate XXVI) captioned, "Tlhaping Girl Initiate" taken by Alf…

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Photograph of a Tlhaping girl initiate in traditional attire. Caption: "Plate XXVI: Tlhaping Girl Initiate".

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This photo was taken in 1919 by Alfred Martin Duggan-Cronin: "The veil and dress worn at the boyale ceremony are made of strips of varying length of reed (Cyperus textilis Thunb.) dyed a rich yellow ochre. The coloured bands are made up of the pips, black and red, of the [K-word] water-melon, and each strand of the kilt is finished off with a tag of skin dyed a rich tan colour. The bodice is composed of beads, white, pink, blue and two shades of red.
The aigrette is formed of the bristles of the porcupine. It is slipped over the arm till the dance begins, when it is transferred to the right side of the head, lightly attached, that it may wave with each movement of the wearer.
This handsome ensemble is usually taken to pieces as soon as the ceremony is over, so the museum is fortunate in possessing a complete set."
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