Digital Storytelling Resources

Following an excellent webinar on 14/03/2023 on Digital Storytelling in the Global South, we have put together resources on work from, and suggested by, our colleagues.

Digital Projects

Virtual Rosewood: Exploring the history of Rosewood, Florida – a majority African American town destroyed during a 1923 race riot.

Keweenaw Time Traveler: An online interactive historical atlas that is changing how we learn about, share, and research the history and heritage of Michigan’s Copper Country.

African Digital Heritage: A Nairobi based, non profit organization working to encourage a more critical, holistic and knowledge-based approach to digital solutions within African heritage.

Simple DL: A toolkit for the creation of low-resource archives. Link

CCC @ Devils Den State Park: A site that combines digital mapping with the historical archive.

Rising Above in Arkansas: Updates to the site will feature new interactive maps and a timeline that will include the history of both Arkansas camps at Rohwer and Jerome.  The archive features nearly 2500 unique items with full metadata to allow for ease of searchability.

Historic Powhatan: Explore the history of the town of Powhatan from the late 1800’s to today.

District Six Museum and the St. Mark’s Memory Mapping Project: Interactive historical map that serves as a memorial to the displaced residents of District Six in Cape Twon, South Africa.


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Training and Research Resources

Anthro Yeti. Archaeology, Folklore, History: Turials, Mini-Docs, and Heritage Visualisations.

Keweenaw History. Lesson plans and tutorials coming soon.

African Digital Heritage Training Resources:

Simple DL: An experimental toolkit to create simple digital libraries, where the goal is ease of preservation, ease of rescue and ease of development. Simple DL

Endangered Archaeology: Using Remote Sensing to Protect Cultural Heritage: Multilingual online course that teaches how to access and use satellite imagery to document heritage sites. Available in English, French, Arabic, and Farsi.

Digital Storytelling Webinar: Webinar held on 14/03/2023 on Digital Storytelling in the Global South: Utilizing Spatial Archives for Diverse Audiences